Rainy night in Soho

C F G I've been loving you a long time C F G Down all the years, down all the days C F G And I've cried for all your troubles C F G Smiled at your funny little ways C F G We watched our friends grow up together C F G And we saw them as they fell C F G Some of them fell into Heaven C F G Some of them fell into Hell [Verse 2] C F G I took shelter from a shower C F G And I stepped into your arms C F G On a rainy night in Soho C F G The wind was whistling all its charms C F G I sang you all my sorrows C F G You told me all your joys C F G Whatever happened to that old song C F G To all those little girls and boys [Interlude] [Verse 3] C F G Sometimes I wake up in the morning C F G The ginger lady by my bed C F G Covered in a cloak of silence C F G I hear you talking in my head C F G I'm not singing for the future C F G I'm not dreaming of the past C F G I'm not talking of the first time C F G I never think about the last [Interlude] [Verse 4] C F G Now the song is nearly over C F G We may never find out what it means C F G Still, there's a light I hold before me C F G You're the measure of my dreams C F G The measure of my dreams